How to make an autograph book


Autograph books that are easy to make.

What do you use to collect autographs at Walt Disney World? For our family, we have always used autograph books that I have purchased at a store when we arrived in Orlando.  For several years now, I have been jealous of the people who actually made their autograph books, so this last trip I decided to make autograph books for our kids. I never realized how easy it was to put one together that was personalized to my kids interests, till I made ours. Here is how I made ours.


Materials you will need to make your autograph book:

  • At least 2 pieces of scrapbook paper or cardstock
  • Blank 4 X 6 index cards
  • 3 notebook binder rings
  • a hole puncher
  • clear contact paper
  • ribbon
  • scissors

How to make your autograph book:

  1. Decide how many pages you want your autograph book to be and count out that many index cards. I made ours about 25 pages. Then decide where you want your holes to go and punch your holes. I put mine on the two ends and then one in the middle.
  2. Cut your front cover and back cover out of scrapbook paper. I took an index card and used that as a template so I could cut out my front cover and back cover out of the scrapbook paper.
  3. Once I had my front and back cover cut out, I covered them both separately with clear contact paper. I covered the picture side as well as the blank side.
  4. Then I punched holes into the front and back cover like I did the index cards.
  5. Now that everything has holes punched into them, it is now time to assemble your autograph book.
  6. Take a notebook ring and put the front cover on the ring, then put the index cards on and finally the back cover. Repeat for the other 2 holes and rings.
  7. Add ribbon to the notebook rings for decoration.

Now you have just put together an easy autograph book to bring to Walt Disney World.

Here is what my autograph books looked like when I finished making them.


Front of Autograph Books


Back of Autograph Books

If you decide to make your own autograph books, I hope you enjoy creating your own personalized book as much as I did.

2 comments for “How to make an autograph book

  1. WW
    28 August, 2013 at 9:45 am

    I was never really into the autographs of the characters since it really wasn’t something my daughter cared about (becasue she couldn’t read at the time!) Years ago on a Disney trip, instead of autographs, I made sure to take a photo of my daughter with every character she met. Once we returned home, I printed out the photos and put them in a small 4×6 single-photo paged album ($1 at Walmart…perfect for children). She is now 19 years old and still loves looking through this album!

    I now have three small children and since two of them can read, for our upcoming trip, I will purchase a new album beforehand and ask the characters to each sign a page with a permanent marker and also take a photo. When we return home, I will put the photos in the album on the page the character signed!

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