How to Personalize a Disney Souvenir Savings Suitcase

Disney Savings SuitcaseIn my family, we believe that part of the fun of a Walt Disney World vacation is the planning!  Get your children involved in the process by helping them start a savings fund for their souvenirs.  Throughout the year there are special occasions, such as holidays, school report card days, and the Tooth Fairy’s appearances, where my children receive Disney Dollars.  To help them keep all of their “savings” in one place, I found these adorable and inexpensive craft store wooden miniature suitcases.  Folded in half, Disney Dollars fit perfectly inside!  Personalizing the little luggage with a Disney font was super easy and I thought I’d show you how you could do it too!

Mouse Ears Mom 054If you’d like to use the same suitcases that I purchased, I found them a local A.C. Moore craft store.  The size of the suitcase is roughly 5 1/2 inches wide by 3 1/2 inches high.  If you do not have a A.C. Moore craft store where you live, no worries, Michael’s and Hobby Lobby sell similar items.  To begin this craft, pick the color of your choice and paint your suitcase.  Then on to the fun part- personalizing it, Disney Style!

Mouse Ears Mom 002To personalize the suitcase you’ll need scissors, paint, a small tip paint brush, and a soft lead pencil, such as the chunky preschool pencil you see in the photo.  You’ll also need the Disney or Bust stylized words. You don’t have to download any fonts or format anything because below you will find a link (called Disney or Bust) to print out the Disney or Bust stylized font you’ll need for this project.

Disney or Bust

If you would like to know, the Disney font that I used for this project is free to download and is called Walter.  I found the font on the website Fontspace.  Here’s the link to the site, so you could use it for all sorts of fun Disney-Inspired craft projects too!  The font that I used for the words “or Bust” is called Curlz MT.

Now to get started!

Mouse Ears Mom 003Print out the PDF on thin copy paper and use your scissors to cut it down to suitcase size.

Mouse Ears Mom 004Turn the trimmed paper over and trace the letters with your soft lead pencil.

Mouse Ears Mom 006

Turn your traced paper over so that the printed words can seen. Center it on the suitcase and trace the printed words.  This will transfer onto the wood the soft lead pencil marks that you made on the back side of the paper.

Mouse Ears Mom 008Now using a tiny amount of paint on your paint brush, paint on top of the transferred image.  Above is an example of what it looks like after the first coat.  If you use white paint for the letters, I recommend adding a second coat.  Make sure your first coat is completely dry before applying the second layer of paint.  Once you’ve completed your second coat, your done!

To make the luggage even more special, add your child’s name to the opposite side of the luggage.  As you can see, I added my daughter’s name to the front of a blue suitcase pictured at the top of this post.  This way each child knows which one is their Souvenir Savings Suitcase!

DSC_2169Hi!  I’m Amy from the blog, Mouse Ears Mom and now The Disney Moms!  This was my first posting for The Disney Moms.  I want to thank them for welcoming me into their group and allowing me to share my Disney Vacation Inspired Craft Idea with you.  I’ll be back again next month to share another Disney-Inspired Craft or Special Treat Idea.  If you liked this project and you’d like to see any more of my Disney-Inspired crafts, treats or parties, I’d love for you to visit my blog at .

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