How to Successfully Tour Disney with a Group

Welcome to our family. Our family consists of, mom, dad and 3 children ranging from 18 down to 7. With an age difference of 11 years between the oldest and the youngest and the third child in the middle, it can be hard to accommodate all the different likes of each child on a trip to Disney World. We have had to learn how to make the littlest one happy, the teenager contented as well as our middle child feel special as the girl of the bunch. How did we do this on a trip to Disney World? It took some planning and this is what works for us.

When we go to Disney World, we usually tour as a family. This has meant that everyone stays together and does what the family is doing. For the most part everyone gets to do what they want to see and do on a trip to Disney World. There is a lot of give and take.  When you have such an age difference in your family sometimes someone might not want to do what a younger sibling wants to do. So we came up with this idea. We ask everyone what their top 10 things they want to do at Disney World is and then wright it down. Then we take everyone’s list and combine it. Then we make sure we do what is on that list while we are at Disney World. This way everyone knows we will get to their particular favorite things and they put up with going to something they don’t really want to do. Everyone puts up with having to go on It’s a Small World for mom because later on they get to go on Rock’n’roller coaster on another day.

When we have had a child who has not reached a certain height requirement one parent had to go with the older ones and one stay with the younger one and then swap if we wanted to. When you have younger children and older ones the child swap program is a must. This has been a lifesaver many times when we have had younger ones.

There have been a few instances where we haven’t stayed together as a family on a trip and that has been when we did something special with each of the kids. We knew one or more of the other kids wouldn’t enjoy something and just be miserable the whole time, we knew it would be better to split up. One example is when I took our daughter to eat at Akershus at EPCOT. We knew the boys would not have any fun doing this so we figured why spend money doing this with them. The boys later on in the trip got to do something special with dad. So everyone was happy.

This is how our family has solved the problem of having a huge age difference in our family. If you have an age difference in your family, how have you solved the problem?

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