Great Way to Introduce Your Child to Disney World

Journey to the Magic

The Disney Moms is proud to introduce the newest book from Natalie Henley, Journey to the Magic. Hoping to help parents not only introduce the details of Disney World, this book will also provide hours of fun along the way to Disney AND while actually in the parks! This book will help children become familiar with some of the attractions within the four Disney parks, thus helping each child become more comfortable and excited about their upcoming vacation.

Here is the book’s official description:

Have you ever wanted to surprise your child with a Walt Disney World vacation? This book is a great way to let your child know that you have a grand surprise for them, a vacation of a lifetime! Giving your child the gift of this book will allow them the opportunity to learn about their vacation early enough that they can help with the planning. The story then gives your child a sneak peek at all four of the Walt Disney Parks. It also introduces several attractions, helping to ignite a spark within the child so they feel compelled to help in the planning of the vacation! Following the story, the book includes:

  • The “Planning Your Trip to Disney World” section of the book to help keep notes on what attractions, shows and restaurants they most want to visit during their Disney vacation.
  • The “Your Packing List” section helps your child plan for and help in the packing for the vacation.
  • The “Character Signature” section will surely be a hit while on vacation. Your child will use the book to collect their favorite character signatures!
  • The “Favorite Photos” section, your child can add their very own photos from their vacation once home from vacation.
  • Finally, the “Your Personal Story from Your Journey to the Magic” section invites your child to make their own journal about their Journey to the Magic!

Give your child the gift of a great vacation and this book to help your child relive all the special moments!

To grab a copy for your child, find the book here. In addition to this book, Natalie Henley has written Strategies for Paying for Disney, a book dedicated to helping people afford their vacation through planning and discounts. You can find a copy of the Strategies for Paying for Disney book here. If you are instead planning a vacation to Disneyland, you will love the book Adventure to the Land!

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