Is Taking a Baby to Disney WORTH it?

       “But will he really remember the trip?” was the question that my husband and I faced when our family and friends found out that we were taking our then three month old son to Disney World.  The short answer is no, but that single trip created such special memories that I will carry with me until my dying day.

       It has been nearly two years (what?!) since my son’s first trip to Disney, and we have gone several more times since then thanks to our annual passes.  Each trip with my son has been a new, different, and exciting experience—this is exactly what I tell friends who are debating whether or not to take their toddler for the first time.  For example, at three months, my son was mesmerized by the sparkling lights and exciting music (we went during December).  At eight months, my son couldn’t stop giggling as we went around and around on Dumbo.  At nearly twenty months, my son squealed with delight when it was his turn to meet Mickey Mouse.  I am excited to watch him grow, and re-experience Walt Disney World through the eyes of a child for the next eighteen years (and beyond).

       As beautiful as our experiences have been, I am not going to lie and tell you that it was a piece of cake to visit Walt Disney World with an infant.   What I will tell you is that it was well worth the effort.  The key to success was organization—I pre-packed bottles in the morning filled with nursery water, and carried the Enfamil to-go formula packets in my backpack (along with other baby essentials, of course).  I set an alarm for each feeding time to keep on schedule, and made sure to head back to the room mid-day for a snooze.  As my son has gotten older, the trip has gotten easier—instead of bottles, we now have sippy cups and finger foods.  I also learned my lesson to always bring instant packets of pedialyte and several changes of clothes to the park, if you catch my drift (which was unfortunately downwind on that particular experience).  Ahhh, memories.

       Speaking of memories, my son and I love looking through all of our Disney pictures at least once a week.  He can now point out Cinderella’s castle, and the Dumbo ride.  He also asks when we are going to go to “Disney to see Mickey.”  Whether or not your family chooses that traveling to Walt Disney World as frequently as we do is right for your family, I can promise you that even one trip to this magical place with your baby or toddler will bring such joy and happiness to your entire family as you watch your child experience the wonder of Disney for the first (or second, third, or fourth) time.

Shera is the author of this article being submitted into The Disney Moms writing contest.  She describes herself as: the mom to an [almost] two year old in Florida.

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  1. 20 August, 2012 at 9:30 am

    I think everyone should take their children to Disney no matter the age. When they are older, they have their own ideas of what to do and what is fun. But at every age there is some special memory that you will hold dear. My son and daughter-in-law took their 3 month old. Their best memories are the characters that were making over the baby. King Louie even got off is parade float to come play with the baby. They have wonderful pictures and memories that will last forever.
    Good for you!!! And keep on making those memories for yourself as well as your child.

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