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It is a new year with many new opportunities.  Meet the Magic was recently asked to take part in a Disney Bloggers Fight Hunger campaign.  Wanting to help, we excitedly joined forces with many other Disney Blogs to help to make a difference in the lives of those in need.  Wanting to do the most good, we have decided to use Feeding America as a platform for accepting donations to help people all over the country get the meals they so desperately need.

Through the sophisticated network established at Feeding America, they are able to provide 8 meals for each $1 donation!  (Really, if you think about that, it is really amazing!  I wish I could make 8 meals for my family for that price!)  All of the Disney blogs are looking to our readers to join our cause and donate what you can, small or large.  Your donations will make a difference in many people’s lives.

To help out, use some of the Strategies for Paying for Disney previously posted to pinch pennies so we can help others.  For instance, try skipping that fancy coffee or the soda, buy the store brand, rent a movie rather than purchase it.  Every little bit of savings and donations will help!

Help me and my fellow Disney Blogging friends by donating at the following link:

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