Keeping cool during your Disney trip this summer!

We are visiting Walt Disney World this June and plan to use these tips to keep cool.



Because the temperatures will average in the 90’s during the summer in Orlando, I’m thinking of ways to keep my family cool during our June vacation. First and foremost, we are planning our daily itinerary a little looser, giving ourselves plenty of time to move from one ride/attraction to another. Pacing, during the long summer days, is important to keep energy levels up and our moods even tempered. Next we have already built in an off-day – where our only plans are to rest up and lounge by the pool. We have not always planned a mid week break into our schedule. Several trips ago, we ‘gave ourselves permission’ to slow down and savor the delights of our resort. Now, we usually incorporate this tip into our trips lasting longer than 4 or 5 days.

In addition to taking it slower and giving our family a mid week break, we also will look for ways to get out of the mid day sun as much as possible. Having our mid day meal indoors, attending a stage show, or queing up for an indoor ride are just a few ways we plan to cool down. Here are a few other tips we have found helpful on our past trips…

Tips for keeping cool:

  • Visit the parks in the morning and evening and take breaks mid day
  • Mid day breaks may include quick dip in your resort pool, a short afternoon siesta
  • or finding an indoor attraction with air conditioning (My favorite places to cool off are MK: Carousel of Progress or President’s Hall; AK: Finding Nemo- the Musical; EPCOT: Most ques are inside, for a quick nap; HS: Star Wars Launch Bay and Walt Disney: One Man’s Dream (they are both inside)
  • If you stay at the parks all day, ride/visit the outdoor attractions in the morning and indoor attractions in the afternoon
  • With younger children (and older adults) take a break in one of the Baby Care Centers.
  • Drink cold beverages, especially water – if possible, freeze a bottle of water the night before and bring with you into the parks
  • Get a free cup of ice water at any Quick Service restaurant
  • Bring a fan or bottle mister with you – fans that clip to strollers are great for the kiddos
  • Tie a cool, wet bandanna around your neck, wear a hat to shade your face
  • Wear plenty of sunscreen, re-apply throughout the day and use aloe vera at night to cool down any sunburn (and to help you sleep better)
  • Look for ways to get wet inside the park.  There are misters, splash fountains, and ‘wet’ rides like River Rapids or Splash Mountain
  • or visit a Water Park – be sure to plan to do this early in the morning.The Water Parks will reach max capacity and may close by mid day.
  • My personal favorite tip is to take off your shoes/socks during an inside show – especially for little ones…cooling down your feet gives you an extra ‘pep in your step’ when you return to the Florida heat
  • Try using an essential oil pick me up – Apply several drops of Peppermint Oil (in a carrier oil) to the bottoms of your feet and the back of your neck to cool the body down.
  • and speaking of shoes, bring a second pair (and / or a second pair of socks) and switch out mid day. Also try not to wear the same pair of shoes every day…switching them lessons the chance of blisters and hotspots.

Speaking of heat…
When it’s hot, you and your kiddos will tire out more quickly. Even if your young one has been out of a stroller for a while, they may need a break by mid week of your Summer Disney vacation.  You can rent these hard sided strollers to use in the parks and at Downtown Disney or you can rent from an outside company (who will deliver a stroller to your resort.) Remember, some families average walking 10+ miles A DAY while on their Disney vacation!

How does your family like to cool down?

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