Magic Kingdom – Astro Orbiter

Attraction: Astro Orbitertomorrowland

Age of Child: 2 years old

Experience: I have a fairly fearless 2 year old boy.  He has rarely shown fear of heights or attractions.  Thanks to Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, he loves Space Shuttles and when he saw the Astro Orbiter in the Magic Kingdom’s Tomorrowland, he begged to go for a ride.  My previous experience on this attraction left little memory, other than it being like Dumbo high up with a long line.

This ride left a much different memory with a 2 year old.  We happened to walk up when there was no line, so we only waited a minute for the elevator and another minute to wait to board.  The lack of line wasn’t the only difference between Astro Orbiter and Dumbo.  Unlike Dumbo, the seats are single file – so my son sat in between my legs while I held on to him.  Also, it is much faster than Dumbo (or the other Dumbo-like attractions).  The other aspect of this ride that I didn’t remember – it’s slightly tilted.   Enough to scare a mom holding onto a little boy and enough to make a fearless child ask for it to stop!  In the 2 minute attraction, my son loved the first 30 seconds, but as the ride progressed, he was terrified and I felt like I had to hold him down to keep him from trying to escape!

I would definitely not recommend this ride for a toddler, especially one that normally shows fear.  It is definitely not just the standard Dumbo copycat!

Grade: D

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