Magic Kingdom Splash Mountain

Attraction – Splash Mountain

Age of Child – 10 years

Experience – In all the years that our family had been to Walt Disney World, can you believe that the very first time that our daughter Sophie had ever been on Splash Mountain was when we went for the 40th Anniversary?!  She has been eight times in her young life, and the only other time we were going to ride it the ride broke down right before we were going to get on, and the only thing they could do was give us fast passes for Big Thunder Mountain Railroad.  So this time we were determined that we were going to ride Splash Mountain.  We got our fast passes, did other things, and then came over to ride it later.  We got in line, looked at all of the great theming that is associated with this ride, and let our excitement build and build.  Finally we were on the ride, and it surprised me, I had forgotten how long the ride actually is!

There was only one part that Sophie was “scared” in — the beehive scene!  The reason for that wasn’t the bees, it was because at that moment a gust of wind blew my hat off, right into Sophie’s lap, and she screamed because she thought it was a bee!

Sophie loved the ride, and it is now her favorite ride at Walt Disney World.  In fact, the only thing that disappointed her was that we only rode it one time that day!

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