Magical Extra: Package Pickup

Here’s a Disney Moms Tip you’ll want to file away for your next visit to the parks –

Disney offers many complimentary services for guests – including Package Pickup and Delivery.

If you find something you want to purchase while in the parks, you do not need to carry it around with you all day. Guests have a few options for their purchases.

Options for Guests staying onsite or offsite – 

[1] Send your purchase to the front of the park. Simply ask the clerk to send your packages to their designated hold area at front entrance. Your packages will be convenient to pick-up as you exit the park.

[2] Home delivery. For an extra fee, Disney will ship your packages directly to your home. No worry, no fuss, and no need to figure out how you’ll pack your suitcase for home.

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Magical Extra for Guests staying on property:

[3] Resort Hotel Delivery. Have you purchases sent back to your Walt Disney World Resort. Pickup your package at the Resort gift shop at your convenience before the end of your stay.

A few additional tips:

  • Ask the clerk to make arrangements for the delivery service during your purchase.
  • Disney does not deliver food.
  • Make a note or set your phone alarm to remind yourself to pickup the packages at the designated location.

Instead of carrying your packages around with you all day – use one of these delivery options and enjoy your park visit!

Have you used the Pickup and Delivery option for your park purchases?

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