Magical First Haircuts at Harmony Barber Shop

In many societies first haircuts are a right of passage. Whether it be a symbolic passing from infancy to toddlerdom, a religious ceremony, or a family tradition we tend to take the cutting of our baby’s locks rather seriously.  For my family I was heart-set on having our son’s first haircut take place at Harmony Barber Shop in Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom.    I mean, what better way is there to celebrate the occasion than a special trip to Walt Disney World!  Now, granted this makes for one expensive haircut…but, if you are planning a trip anyway, why not?!

Harmony  Barber Shop Exterior

My son, Connor, was born with a lot of hair, and everyone expected us to cut it long before he turned one.  However, like I said, I had always wanted the Magic Kingdom first haircut, so we just kept letting it grow in hopes that something affordable would come along that could get us to WDW before we couldn’t put the cut off any longer.  Luckily, something did, and in November of 2010 we made a Thanksgiving week trip to Orlando along with my parents. (If you can get grandparents to go on your first family trip it is a BLESSING!).  We made Connor’s haircut appointment about a week before our trip by calling 407-WDW-PLAY, and that was that!  We had our appointment for our first morning there with no problems making the reservation at all.

We headed to Magic Kingdom early that first morning to take advantage of Extra Magic Hours.  We knew this would be a great chance to get to experience a few rides and enjoy our first trip with Connor prior to our haircut.  We also weren’t completely sure how the haircut would go, so I suppose you could say we were hedging our bets!  Magic Kingdom was pretty empty, which made for a great stroll down Main Street; U.S.A, and no wait on Dumbo the Flying Elephant, (of course Dumbo had to be his first ride).

Then we headed to Harmony Barber Shop, which is located on Main Street between the Emporium and the Fire Station.  It is tucked away into a little corner, and just screams nostalgia when you see it.  Such a sweet place!  There are three barber’s chairs located inside, as well as an L-shaped bench to wait on and a small cash register.  The wall shelves are filled with First Haircut Mickey ears, Mickey hair glitter, colored hair gels, as well as more traditional barber shop odds and ends.

We only had to wait about 5 minutes for our appointment, and then Connor was introduced to Rex, who would be cutting his hair.  Rex was wonderful!  He gave Connor a bunch of stickers, and then assisted Connor in sticking the Mickey stickers all over himself.  When Connor was thoroughly occupied he sprayed Connor’s hair down and got to work, and never minded when Connor got wiggly.  (Harmony Barber Shop is not equipped to wash hair, so arrive with your kiddos already clean).  Rex chatted easily with us as we watched, never minded the four people with various cameras in a clearly small space, was great at distracting Connor with stickers and light chasers; the man has the patience of a saint and he was just a wonderful man.  He made the experience such a joy, and so completely worth the trip!  When he was finished Connor looked like a little boy, not my baby!  He was presented with his special First Haircut Mickey Mouse Ears, and a certificate from the barber shop.  The whole package was right around $20.00, and included the ears and certificate.  Probably one of the best bargains on Disney property.  It was such a special experience for all of us, and I am so glad we waited to get his first cut at Disney.  It is a memory I will cherish always.

Next time you are planning a trip, consider Harmony Barber Shop for a special haircut.  They do first haircuts, kids cuts, and adult cuts too!  Prices are really reasonable, and it is a whole lot of fun!

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