Making memories with your camera at Walt Disney World


Mickey Mouse at the Shades of Green

While I was looking at some of our Disney pictures from our past trips I happened to notice that we had taken pictures in the same spot several times. As I was looking at those pictures, I was able to see how the kids grew and changed over the years. I soon realized that we had made taking pictures in the same spots a tradition over the years without even knowing it. One spot in particular has been not only my favorite spot to take the kids pictures, but also the kids. Every time we go to Walt Disney World, they actually want to have their picture taken there. That special place is in the lobby of the Shades of Green with Mickey Mouse.

There have been several other places we have taken pictures over the years, but this has been the place we like the most. If you haven’t already started doing this I would encourage you to start doing this.

Some places that would make a great photo spot are:

  • In front of any of the park icons.
  • In front of your favorite resort.
  • In front of one of your favorite rides.
  • At Downtown Disney – There are lots of places that would make great photo ops with your family.
  • At one of your favorite restaurants.
  • At one of the countries in EPCOT.
  • With your families favorite character.

Walt Disney World has many places to take your special photo, all you have to do is to decide where you want to take this picture. Now to decide where you are going to take your special photo.

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