Mediterranean Cruise – should we disembark early? – A Reader Question

Recently we received a Disney Cruise Line question from one of our readers. We are so excited to come along side families and help them plan magical Disney vacations.
Disney Magic 5.14 Cruise
Here’s what she asked…
Hello Moms!
My husband and I are considering a Disney cruise in the Mediterranean in Sept 2016 (yes, 4 months away), and then some travel once we get off the boat to some iconic cities in Europe. Disney cruise goes from: Barcelona to Pompeii ,up the coast of Italy, then over to France for a stop, and back to Barcelona. My husband’s question to me was…hey, what if we got off in France and traveled onto Paris?? My thought was: we are paying all this money to get on the boat, why would we ever get off the boat? But, I called Disney and they said if you get off in France you miss the last day and a half of being on the cruise. We would miss the last day at sea, and the Pirate Night with fireworks that same night, and everyone leaves the next morning. I do not want to miss those things, but my question to all of you is: what am I really missing if we do leave early? What would be your answer, and please be respectful…many thanks!! 
Dear Reader,
First, the itinerary looks amazing! How lovely to be considering a Mediterranean cruise for September…and it looks like you’ll be there at an ideal temperature time too. While you will have a day and a half to enjoy the ship during the first part of the cruise (the day you arrive and your first day at sea) and the Frozen Deck party takes place on Day 2, what are your plans for the rest of the cruise?
Your itinerary brings you to the ports in Naples, Civitavecchia (Rome), Livorno (Florence/Pisa) and Villefranche (Cannes/Monaco/Monte Carlo). Are you planning to enjoy full day excursions for those four days? or Half day excursions, and nightly shows + dinner? Either way, you’ll likely be spending quite a bit of time off the ship. There’s so much on-board to explore and experience, from the adult only restaurant Palo, to the pools, lounges, tours and Spa treatments. Enjoying everything on board the ship IS a huge part of taking a cruise.
Additionally, you will probably be looking forward to the downtime the last day at sea will offer…getting recharged before your tour of the iconic European cities. As you mentioned, the Pirate Night party plus fireworks are a Disney specialty – something to remember for a lifetime.
Each family enjoys vacationing differently. There’s no right or wrong way to cruise. And saying yes to extra days in France sounds like a delight.
Since Paris is just a 2-hour flight from Barcelona, is it possible to convince hubs to stay on board and then fly you back to Paris for a couple of romantic nights before heading stateside? This is my vote!
Hopefully, I’ve given you a few ideas to help you and your husband make the best choice for your vacation.
Readers – what are your favorite on-board activity for ‘At Sea’ days?
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