Money saving tips when planning your Disney Cruise Line vacation

Mickey in AlaskaOur family has sailed on Disney Cruise Line five times in the past ten years.  I have planned each of our dream vacations for our small family of five; to our extended family of sixteen.  Following are a few tips that I use to confidently book our magical vacations.

1.  Use A Travel Agent. Let the experts work for you…it is free!  The experts know their stuff about cruising with Disney.  They keep track of Disney’s latest deals and ship board credits, as well as offering ship board credits.

2.  Book Early!  If you are looking to travel during the holidays or spring break season, you need to book as soon as the date becomes available.  Disney will usually post rates and availability a year and a half in advance.  This is how we booked our Christmas cruise in 2012 at a reasonable rate.

4.  Off Season Deals.  If you are willing to travel when everyone else is at school, you can snag some great rates in the months of Sept. Oct., early Dec., Jan. and early May.

5.  Use Reward Credit Cards.  Disney offers its own credit card.  The reward dollars for purchases made on their credit card, can be used to pay for your cruise or on board purchases. This is how our family saves money.

6.  Book Your Next Cruise While on Board.  If you think you might be cruising in the near future, be sure to talk with the travel agent on board.  We saved 20% on our Alaskan cruise, when we booked it on board.

Happy planning!

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