Disney World Photo Tips: Got Camera Batteries?

"Stand still and smile; I'm beggin' you!"

A trip to Walt Disney World is expensive. You could buy a small used car for what you’ll spend taking your family to Orlando.  Throw in a couple t-shirts and Mickey Mouse ice cream bars, and you could have purchased a couple tanks of gas for that car.  When you get back home and unload everything, souvenirs and some stories aside, what do you have to show for all that hard-earned money you left at the gates of the Magic Kingdom?  How do you hold on to those memories?


The iconic Cinderella Castle, photographed aboard the WDW ferryboat.

Taking pictures these days is easy, and if you look around you, there are 10-year-old kids snapping pictures on their cell phones and iPods. You will literally walk around people stopped on the sidewalks of Main Street U.S.A. to take pictures, with anything from a cell phone to a four-pound camera with a lens that sees right through Space Mountain. If you’ve made your WDW reservations, you’ll be taking some type of camera with you, guaranteed.

Today’s Photo Tip from a mom who’s been there:
check the batteries.

Many a moment (and in my case, you had better make that a day!) has been ruined when you turn on a camera to nothing…total darkness.  Zero battery action, and the moment has zoomed off like a monorail forever. Disney, being the Masters of Merchandise that they are, offer batteries for sale.  But you will waste valuable time and energy locating them, and they will cost you double or triple the normal back-home price. Those small incidental costs can slowly skyrocket the total price of your vacation.

Make sure you have an extra set of batteries with you, just in case. Carrying along a small inexpensive camera, and I’m talking about an extra one, is a pretty good idea as well. Things go wrong; cameras suddenly break.  You can never be too cautious when you are preserving your hard-earned memories. Your children will only be on this Disney vacation just once, and it goes by in the blink of a camera lens.

So check those camera batteries, and I’ll see you on the 28th of next month with The Disney Moms.

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1 comment for “Disney World Photo Tips: Got Camera Batteries?

  1. Beth Green
    29 December, 2011 at 11:00 am

    GREAT tip! I’ve been lucky (so far) to not have lost battery power. I always charge the batteries each night- even if they aren’t low. I also lug around at least 2, sometimes 3 cameras, so if my battery dies on one camera, I always have a back up… or 2! 🙂

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