Need a Rest at Disney’s California Adventure?

When we go to Disney… we go to Disney. Sun up to sun down. But, there are times … yes, I will admit it… that I need to get out of the crowd and re-energize. I truly feel like I stumbled upon a hidden gem when I discovered The Disney Animation Building in “Hollywood Land.” You may think to walk right by it… don’t! Inside its stunning. The Animation Courtyard is always a perfect crisp temperature and favorite scene’s from new and old Disney movies play in a large circular sequence of screens around you. If you hang a right when you enter into the building you’ll visit Turtle Talk with Crush! An interactive experience with Crush from Finding Nemo. Be sure to sit on the outside seats and have your Mickey Ears on if you want a chance to chat with a 150 year old sea turtle!  To your left is Animation Academy, our family favorite! So easy even a kid can do it! Disney animators take you through a step by step workshop to transform Disney characters right before your eyes. See for yourself! Can you tell the difference between the 28 & 8 year old’s versions?

Animation Academy

Down the hall is the Beasts Library! Inside have fun with Lumiere discovering your inner Disney character! This is one personality test that even the grown up’s will want to do! I always wait to see the wilting rose and thunder-storm! Be sure to sing or re-enact your favorite movie scenes in Ursula’s Grotto just footsteps away!


As you leave this “breath of fresh air” you can exit into the shop “Off the Page.” Looking for hand drawn sketches or one of a kind souvenirs? This is it!

I will let you in on a little secret! Just outside of The Animation Building is great place to meet many of your favorite Disney characters!


Where is your secret spot for a little R&R and what is your favorite time of day to do it?


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