One of the Most Fabulous Disney World Souvenirs? How About a T-shirt!

By Amanda from Disney’s Cheapskate

I save money for Disney vacations all year ’round.  I have dreams at night of standing in resort gift shops, shopping bags in my hand, and my Disney Rewards Visa is not yet maxed out. But the daytime reality is, I won’t take home every souvenir I see that I want. And neither will you, because you will want a lot. The Disney Company are masters of merchandising, and on some vacations, I just long for free time to walk the souvenir isles without feeling pressured to return to the parks for rides. Ah, the joy of Disney shopping…

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One of my favorite “wants” are any of the vast assortments of Disney t-shirts. Here’s the deal though…even though they are mostly priced a semi-reasonable $25 to $35, I just never buy any. I want to buy one, but either it doesn’t fit right, or I just can’t bring myself to let go of the cash.

So I asked the Disney Moms – do you buy t-shirts when you vacation at Walt Disney World? I got lots of answers, and they all indicate yes, lots of you moms and dads are buying t-shirts while on vacation in Orlando.

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Disney Moms fan Sara Whiley said, “We bought our girls one which had their favorite ride on it. Teacups for one, Carousel for the other.”

Disney Moms fan Michael Bodkin said, “We get all sorts of stuff from the parks. If fact I bought a t-shirt on our last trip(2011). It took a couple attempts to find it, due to each store having different stuff. We figured this shirt would of been everywhere. The Walt and Mickey shirt was located in an odd spot at the Emporium.”

Disney Moms fan Gail Pilla-Macaluso said, “We absolutely buy t-shirts just about every trip.  Normally it’s just a favorite character or possible one from an attraction or park that is different and one we can’t get anywhere else.”

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Disney Moms fan Stacy Miller Arndt said,”I love Disney shirts. I love to shop around for them or make them myself.”

Disney Moms fan Melissa Gardner’s reply, “Yes!! I am already planning what new shirts we will get for our next trip in 2013!”

Disney Moms fan Marcia Gray Hewey said, “I buy them for my young boys, but always try to get them a little big so they can wear them longer. I don’t like to spend the high prices on t-shirts when they will outgrow them in a year or so.”

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There you go – lots of you are buying t-shirts while on a Disney vacation. Thanks for stopping by, and we’ll see you thumbing through the t-shirt racks for your size!


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