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“Hi, love your site. We are 70 & 80.
If you don’t care for what you have ordered at a Disney Dream rotation restaurant can you go to Cabanas for a different dinner – in essence – 2 dinners in 1 night?
Looking forward to your answer.”

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The Disney Moms answer:

Absolutely! Disney is known for their service and they want your cruise to be magical – they do not want you to go hungry. Here are a few of recommendations to keep your tummies from grumbling like Pooh Bear…

  • Feel free to order more than one entry at your rotational dining venue. If the entree you ordered wasn’t up to par, order another. If you do not see anything on the menu that suits your tastes, ask for a ‘basic’ item to be prepared (there are several staple entrees not listed on the menu). Or order a combination of appetizers and side dishes to make your own meal.
  • Visit Cabanas Dinner Buffet or any of the other counter service restaurants. These are walk-in/walk-up locations, help yourself as much as you would like during open hours.
  • Order Room Service – for free! Disney says it best – “Feast on fresh, made-to-order dishes in your stateroom 24 hours a day. Enjoy a continental breakfast before beginning your day’s adventure, delight in a hearty snack between meals or indulge in a late-night craving before bedtime. Room service is available to ensure your family’s cruise vacation is as convenient and hassle-free as it can possibly be. Included in the price of your cruise, Disney Cruise Line room service is complimentary. Gratuity is not included. Please note that an additional fee will be added to your stateroom for certain snacks, wines, beverages and beverage packages.”

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