Packing a Carry on Like a Disney Pro!

Going to Disney World or Disneyland can be very expensive. In fact, many of us budget and save constantly in order to afford a trip. There are certainly many ways to save on your vacation, but there is one area where I hate to see people waste money and that is on luggage fees with the airlines. Many airlines are now charging a fee for checked baggage. If you have a family of four and each of you checks a bag this could mean $100 leaving your pocket before you even touchdown in Orlando! That 100 bucks is best used at the parks on a meal or on souvenirs and should not be thrown away to get your clothing to your destination. It is good to search out an airline such as JetBlue or Southwest that will not charge for your first checked bag. However, if you are flying on a different airline, listen up! I am going to teach you how to pack a carry on like a Disney Pro!

The average family stays at the Walt Disney Resort for 5-6 night, but you can likely pack a carry on for up to ten nights! Don’t believe me? I am going to prove it!

Here is what we are packing:

1. 6-7 tops including 4 T-Shirts, 1 Dress Top, 1 Long Sleeve Shirt, 1 Jacket

2. Poncho in Pouch

3.  5 Bottoms including 3 Shorts and 2 pants

4. 6 pairs of Socks

5. 6 pairs of unmentionables

6. Flip Flops

7. Bathroom Supplies including: Deodorant, Sample sized shampoo, razor, make up, hairbrush and toothbrush and toothpaste, sunscreen, and any medications

8. Bathing Suit

9. Travel Documents including ID, Magical Express Vouchers, itinerary with resort confirmation numbers and restaurant reservation times.

10. Cell phone with Charger.

Now to get it all in a carry on! First of all get a bag that has two sides that you can pack into. Mine is a hard shelled back with two packable sides.

Step 1: Grab a Pillowcase and lay it on your bed flat. Take your shirts (Except the Jacket) and lay them on the pillow case. I lay them one on top of another. Now take the pillow case and roll it up creating a shirt burrito! Put this burrito in the far corner of your bag!

Step 2. Lay out a second pillowcase and follow the same protocol with your shorts and pants. Roll up a pants burrito and place this next to the shirts.

BONUS: If you are staying for a longer time, you can use the pillowcases as laundry bags to tote your clothes to and from the laundry rooms!

Step 3. Pack your make up and bathroom supplies into a plastic zip lock bag. I pack two zip locks; one for my liquids that I stow in the front pocket of the bag for easy access during screening and one for everything else that I put next to my clothing cases. A make up bag also works fine!

Step 4. Throw your flip flops and ponch0 in any unused space. You will notice you also have room for your phone, charger, and a few other items. I always bring a hair straightner and have plenty of space for this.

Step 5. Put your unmentionables, bathing suits, and socks into the other side of the carry on. My bag has a zippered pouch for this purpose.

Step 6. Pack a personal item bag such as large tote that has your wallet, ID, and all Travel Documents that can be easily accessed.

Step 7: Dress for the airport in layers. I wear a comfortable also Florida appropriate pair of pants often of the light cotton variety, a tee shirt with a zip up sweater over it and a jacket. This way you have a jacket and an extra warm shirt to wear if it gets a little chilly!

Finished Product!

Jess is a vacation planner with Pixie Vacations. You can read more from her at and

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