Planning for a Disney Trip with Extended Family

So our most recent Disney trip, scheduled for later this month, is a special one.  We are going with our little family of 3 and my parents.  Their Christmas gift to us this year was getting us a room through their timeshare at Boardwalk Villas and we are so excited for them to see Disney through our son’s eyes. Adding outside family to the mix is fun, but also takes a little more planning.

We started early this year, right at our 180 day mark, to make all of our dining plans, for both character meals and a special dinner for my husband’s birthday.  It was fun to see where my parents wanted to eat compared to us and we did add some new restaurants in this time that we all wanted to try.  I also made sure that my mom had a My Disney Experience account and it was fun to choose characters for her and my dad and be involved with their planning too.

Another decision was when to go to Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party and if my parents would be coming with us.  They decided to go to Universal Studios that day, so it will be the one day that we split up. I did some research for them on what kind of tickets would work for them, as well as researching our Disney tickets too and purchased them all together.  I’m excited to hear about their day outside Disney and I know they are looking forward to seeing pictures and hearing about our night too. AT 60 days, we did our Fastpass Plus and got everything we wanted, which was amazing!

The last piece of the puzzle was online check in for both families, as we’d be staying at different resorts.  We made our selections of what building we’d like to stay in (fingers crossed) and will follow up with a phone call next week.  It was interesting to me to see that depending on what resort you stay at, your choices of buildings and locations varies greatly.  As it gets closer, we are getting ourselves all ready by ordering some fun stuff to wear in the parks and finalizing our costumes.

Overall, this was a great experience to be able to plan this trip with my parents and for them to be able to see Disney with their grandson.  I consider that a gift, much better than them getting us rooms, as I think this will really be a special vacation for all involved.  Disney is one of our favorite vacations and I’m very blessed to be able to share it with my parents now, as an adult and experience it in a whole new light.



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