Pre-schooler’s Top Five Walt Disney World eateries

Sure there are a ton of great places to eat in Walt Disney World, whether it be in one of the parks or resorts or Downtown Disney.

But where do pre-schoolers enjoy eating the most?
I asked my 3 year old and this was what she came up with …
5. Pizza Planet – mainly because she adores cheese pizza but also because we told her this was where Buzz and Woody came with Andy. She kept looking out for them.
4. Cosmic Rays – she enjoyed her nuggets here and thought Sonny Eclipse was great!!!
3. Cape May – character breakfast. She enjoyed the fresh fruit here but mainly chose it because she got to see Minnie, Goofy and Donald.
2. Pinocchio Village Haus – 3 reasons. She loved the flat-bread. A CM gave her a Pinocchio sticker. And most importantly, she could see her favourite ride, It’s a Small World.
1. Hollywood and Vine – character breakfast. She barely touched her food but LOVED  the characters, especially Jake and June and loved singing along and getting up to dance.
So there we go. I expect character breakfast usually top the bill. Let us know where your toddlers enjoy eating!

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