Reader Question – where to eat before Illuminations, with kids?

Reader Question, from Vikki in the UK –

Where would you recommend for a Table Service evening meal before Illuminations, that would be suitable with my 3 children? We did the Rose and Crown last year but would prefer something more ‘fun’. Thank you.

Thank you for your question Vikki.  As you know there are many varied choices of dinner venues in both Future World and World Showcase, and all of them are child friendly.  However, some of them are more ‘fun’ than others, and indeed the menus and pricing can also be a little off-putting when you are a family of 5.

Here are my top 5 recommendations –

1. Garden Grill.  Based over in The Land, this is a really fun character meal, where food is pre-plated and served family-style, but there is a decent choice and plenty of veggies. Chip and Dale host, and usually Mickey and Pluto appear in their farming clothes. Garden Grill comes highly recommended by parents with both pre-schoolers and older children too.  Prices vary through-out the year, and range from $37.27-$41.53 for adults and for a child (ages 3-9), $18.10-$20.23.

2. Biergarten – based in the Germany pavillion, this restaurant is a lot of fun.  This is a buffet with plenty of food to chose from, and offers great entertainment too as you celebrate Oktorberfest. Prices vary through-out the year, and range from $35.14-$39.40 for adults and children (ages 3-9), $17.03-$19.16.

3. Teppon Edo – based in the Japan pavillion, this eatery is very popular with both adults and kids.  The food is prepared in front of you and the chefs are more like entertainers rather than merely cooks.  You will be seated on a large table with others and often children enjoy the chance to chat with other kids.  Example menu items and prices are Nihonbashi – sirloin steak and chicken breast $28.95 or for the kids, Tori – chicken breast $13.00.

4. Restaurant Marrakesh – based in the Morocco pavillion, this isn’t always peoples first thought for yummy food, but trust me, there will be something for everyone, and again it will be vastly different from your usual menus.  The authentic entertainment will be sure to keep you amused too.  Chicken Couscous is $26.99 and there is Moroccan Style Pasta – Served with meatballs in tomato sauce $7.99 for the children.

5. Coral Reef – based over in The Seas with Nemo, this restaurant is more than just sea food and offers plenty of choices for every pallet.  For example, the Grilled New York Strip Steak – served with Roasted Potatoes, Mushrooms, Spinach, and Red Wine Sauce $32.99 or from the children’s menu 1 Appetizer, 1 Entree, 1 Beverage and 1 Dessert $8.99.  And where else on property can you dine among the fishes?

With all of the choices, make sure that you make an Advanced Dining Reservation to ensure that you get the time and date that you require for your meal, you can phone WDW or you can do this on-line.

I hope this helps, and be sure to drop by The Disneymoms site and let us know what you chose.

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  1. Vikki Harper
    14 June, 2013 at 12:43 pm

    Thank you so much! This is really helpful as everywhere looked great 🙂 I think I’ll look these up on You Tube with the children and narrow it down from there!

    Thanks again! xx

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