Review of Adventure to the Land by Natalie HENLEY

I have always wanted to go to the original Disneyland in California and walk where Walt himself once walked.
I hope that one day I will be lucky enough to do this, but for now reading about the first Disney parks will have to be enough.
Adventure to the Land is a relatively new book by Natalie HENLEY and is designed to act as a fun tool for your child/children to help them with the planning of your Disney trip, and as a journal/scrap book to use throughout the holiday.
It is simple enough for even a pre-schooler to understand (my 4 year old, who has been to Walt Disney World loved looking through it) yet holds enough basic information for an adult to learn something too!
The rhymes make it fun and the photos keep little ones interested, especially in the way that they are displayed.
As well as the planning and journal/scrap book element, I really liked the fun activity section which would be extremely useful to keep a child entertained when travelling or if you have any down time at the hotel once you get there.
I think this book would be a great investment for any parent or adult who is planning or even just thinking about a trip to The Mouse (by steve).  It could act as a super fun way to let the child know what is happening, and means the whole family can be involved in the preparation.
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