Hidden Gems; Overlooked Attractions at Disney World

Father and Son checking out the view on the TTA People Mover!

We all know about the most popular attractions, the ones that guests seem to flock to and whose wait times can become quite lengthy during the day. But, what about the less popular rides and shows that you may miss or that don’t even make it on to your radar?  Today I am going to point out a few of these attractions and perhaps on your next trip you can experience something new and wonderful. These are in no particular order and I hope you can find at least one new attraction to add to your must do list!

  1. Impressions De France– This 18 minute panoramic screen film is held inside the France Pavilion in Epcot. It takes you on a tour of France that is visually stunning. It is truly a lovely film that most adults will enjoy.  I think the France pavilion, as a whole, does a wonderful job of transporting you into the country. Watching this film, however, really seals the deal!
  2. Tomorrowland Transit Authority PeopleMover– This ride for some reason is often missed by many guests. The People Mover is a continuously loading ride that offers a grand circle tour of Tomorrowland. I think this ride is one that people often ignore when it has so much to offer. A great way to not only people watch and get off your feet for ten minutes, but it lets you understand the layout and design of Tomorrowland. This ride helps to transport you into the city of tomorrow that the land is themed upon. Next time you are in Tomorrowland perhaps waiting for a fastpass time to arrive on Space Mountain, hop on board the TTA and enjoy a classic attraction. Bonus- The People Mover uses a linear induction to move the trams thus making the ride the green minded guests mass transit dream! As a second bonus if Space Mountain is experiencing technical difficulties, hop on the PeopleMover and get a glimpse of the coaster with the lights on!
  3.  Flights of Wonder– This show takes place in Disney’s  Animal Kingdom Park. It is a wonderful show featuring live birds of many types that both entertain and educate the audience.  Sit up front for the best views and don’t rush right out when the show is over. The handlers will bring a few of the birds out and you may be able to get a good photograph or ask a question. You will not be able to touch the birds.
  4. Walt Disney: One Man’s Dream– This attraction is located in Hollywood Studios and many people do not even realize it is there! This walk through attraction is much like a miniature Walt Disney Museum. It features all sorts of memorabilia and artifacts as well as photographs and art work. The attraction also features a film about Walt Disney that is a really interesting watch. I highly recommend this attraction to guests who have an interest in the man behind the mouse.
  5. Carousel of Progress– This attraction is a true Disney Original and it is often missed by people running from one E-Ticket ride to the next. It sits alone in a quaint corner in Tomorrowland, but inside the less than stellar looking show building a true gem shines. The Carousel of Progress sits guests in a moving circular theater and transports them from one scene to the next as you watch a family move from the turn of the century into modern times. Each scene highlights the progress man has made; from electricity to automobiles and beyond.  This attraction originally debuted at the 1964 World’s Fair and was met with much praise and quickly became the most popular attraction there.  From the music to the animatronics this attraction is dripping with Disney spirit. Next time you are visiting The Magic Kingdom take 20 minutes and visit The Carousel of Progress.

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1 comment for “Hidden Gems; Overlooked Attractions at Disney World

  1. Tiffany Norris
    22 January, 2013 at 6:31 am

    Ah, the WEDWAY People Mover! I remember this from my childhood. I was so afraid to ride Space Mountain but, knew that I could get a quick glimpse of the ride by riding on the People Mover. Even though I was not cured of my Space Mountain fear, the People Mover is always a must for me when I visit the Magic Kingdom.

    I was explaining to my husband, who has never been to any Disney park, that the People Mover is where we will rest our feet and cool off. The same goes for The Carousel of Progress. The Carousel of progress is always a welcome rest from the hot and bright summer sun. I hope that this ride doesn’t someday go the way of If You Had Wings (another childhood favorite memory for me).

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