Santa Needs Mickey Ears

Mickey Santa  Ears

Mickey Mouse and Santa have one major thing in common – Magic.

If you’ve ever visited Downtown Disney’s festive store, Disney Days of Christmas, then you’ve noticed the fantastic line of personalized Mickey Mouse Ears and Mickey Mouse Ear ornaments.  Of course being in the store one can’t help but think of Mr. Claus and wonder, “Shouldn’t Santa have his own set of Mickey Ears?”  So this year in our home on Christmas Eve, Santa will be receiving his very own personalized Mickey Mouse Ears sugar cookie.

If you’d like to prepare for Santa’ arrival by making Mickey Mouse Ear Santa cookies too, its super simple to make them with your children!

 Mickey Santa Cookies 006

Start with making a batch of sugar cookie batter and rolling it out.  If you have a Mickey Mouse cookie cutter, all you have to do is cut off the bottom part of the cookie before baking.  If you’d like to purchase a Mickey Mouse cookie cutter, you can find it on-line at  Otherwise, you can simply make Mickey Mouse Ears with the use of both a small circle and large circle cookie cutter.  Wet the seams of each ear just a tiny bit to get them to stay together.

Mickey Santa Cookies 007

Once the cookies are cool, start with the red icing and fill in the cookie.  Once this is complete pipe an edge around the cookies to make a neater presentation.  I used a piping tool to write Santa’s name in black icing.  If you do not have this, simply place your icing in a Ziploc bag and cut a tiny hole in the bottom corner of the bag.  Remember the smaller the cut in the bag, the easier it will be to write the letters.  Then pipe Santa’s white icing cotton ball in the corner of a Mickey Mouse Ear and use the same white icing bag to trim the bottom of the hat.  That’s it!

Mickey Santa Cookies 017

Now what to serve his Reindeer? 

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