Save over 10% Off Your Disney Vacation

Mickey and friends by Cinderella CastleI am an accountant by profession, but a complete Disney Parks fan!  If I am not in the parks, I am planning my next vacation to the parks.  Always wanting to afford to go to Disney more often, I wrote the book, Strategies for Paying for Disney.  This book helps you understand how you can use daily change, strategies, savings to afford your next Disney vacation.

To help you start saving now, here is a great way to help you save 10% off of your Disney vacation!  If you are planning a vacation to Disney or anywhere where you need to fly to, you should certainly look into this great way of saving yourself money on some of the larger ticket items of your vacation. Wanting to fly for an upcoming vacation, I knew I needed $150 for an upcoming Southwest flight. I wanted to save as much money as possible on this purchase, I took the following steps to save myself over 10% on the flight:

  • Purchased Southwest gift cards from (for Disney gift cards) or at the Target store (for Southwest gift cards)
  • Use a 5% off Coupon received from Pharmacy Rewards. If you sign up for the Target Pharmacy® Rewards program, you will receive a 5% off a day of Target shopping after filling five eligible prescriptions.
  • Use the Target Red Card to receive an additional 5% off of your purchase of gift cards (you also receive free shipping on purchases!)
  • Use ShopKicks gift cards for Target. I had accumulated $20 in gift cards for Target and used those towards the purchase as well of these gift cards. Curious about ShopKicks? Check out this article on how you can get the most points for ShopKicks.

Breakdown of the savings on the gift cards:

Total Needed for Southwest Flight $150.00

Shopkicks Gift Cards (Must use First) ($20.00)

5% Savings for Pharmacy Rewards ($6.50)

5% Savings for Target Red Card ($6.50)

Total Paid for $150 SW Gift Cards $117.00

Savings of $33 on $150 = 22% Off

Before you purchase the gift cards for any vacation, be sure to check to see how many forms of payment you are allowed. For Southwest, they only allow 4 forms of payments. So, should you need $250 to pay for a Southwest flight, you can only use 3 $50 gift cards, then pay for the remaining balance with your credit card.  I also called to confirm the use of gift cards with Disney.  They stated that you can only use 2 forms of payment per purchase.  Therefore, if you plan on purchasing tickets for $100, you could use 2 $50 gift cards to pay for the item.  If the item was $150, you could then only use one $50 gift card and make the remaining payment with a credit card.

To get your copy of Strategies for Paying for Disney, head here where you will find the book on sale now!

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