Saving Money by Bringing Your Own Snacks into the Parks



The Magic Kingdom

When our family goes to Walt Disney World we are usually on a tight budget, so one way we save money is to bring snacks in with us. Along with the snacks, we bring our drinks in with us also.  We have been doing this since our first trip back in 2001, so we have figured out what works best for us.

For drinks we bring in Caprisun drinks and bottled water with flavoring packs such as Crystal Light. This last trip we took Dasani water instead of another brand and we felt like we fit in a little better with the Dasani since that is what they sell at the parks.

Over the years we have brought in different things as our snack items. Here is some of our favorite snacks over the years.

  • Rice crispy treats
  • little bags of chips
  • granola bars
  • trail mix
  • cookie snack packages
  • raisins
  • little pieces of candy
  • beef jerky

I would buy enough for 2-3 snacks per person a day. Each day before going to the parks everyone would pick what they wanted to snack on and then I would put them in our snack bag. Then I would pack our cooler or bag with our drinks for the day. I have found this to be easier when we had a stroller to put all of this in so no one was holding the bag all day long. On our last trip we brought the stroller along to help with hauling stuff even though our youngest is out of the age range of riding in a stroller.

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