Strategies for Paying for Disney – Get your Copy TODAY!

For over a year, I have written article after article giving ways you and your family can save money so you can afford one vacation or many to Disney.  Wanting to reach a wider audience, I decided to write a book entitled, Strategies for Paying for Disney.  The book’s description:

Disney is a fabulous vacation spot, offering World-class entertainment and attractions. With so many offerings, many people are overwhelmed by the extensive planning and extortionate costs associated with this dream vacation. Here you will find much of the information you need to make your Disney vacation affordable while also receiving planning tips.

Strategies New Book Cover

This book will:

  • Give an exciting overview of Walt Disney World and Disneyland Resorts
  • Provide detailed information on most aspects of planning a vacation to the Walt Disney World and Disneyland Resorts
  • Suggest a variety of unique and well thought out money savings tips for a variety of vacation needs, i.e. those wanting to stay on a tight budget, as well as those hoping for deluxe accommodations while also staying within their budget
  • Show individuals strategies for bringing in money to go on a vacation to Disney with minimal effort
  • Demonstrate how the various money savings strategies accumulate chapter by chapter
  • Applying the money savings strategies to a variety of vacationing situations

The book is now on sale at Amazon.  Find it here!  Please get your copy today and start saving so you can afford YOUR Disney vacation of a lifetime!

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