Stroller Packing List

How do you know that you have everything you need with you?  It’s simple.  If the stroller is too heavy to push, you’ve probably got it.  My husband always thinks that I bring too much… until we need something, and I have it.  Maybe you can relate to this.  Inevitably, there will be a sticky hand that needs to be wiped or a headache to cure, and you know that us Disney Moms are the ones that they look for to provide what is needed.  So you better make sure that you have packed it in the stroller.
Here are some of the must haves on my list.
1.  Wet wipes.  They are good for cleaning faces, wiping messy hands, freshening up on a warm day and of course, wiping little bottoms.  These are so helpful that I may continue buying them after my kids are out of diapers.
Remember to pack the wet wipes.

Remember to pack the wet wipes.

2.  Plenty of diapers.  True, you can get diapers in the child care center, but if you are on the other end of the park, it is so much easier to just have what you need.  I also recommend having a grab “bag.”  This is one or two diapers, a small amount of wipes and a changing pad.  My daughter loves helping, so I placed all of these in her small backpack, and she would wear it as we would go to the bathroom.  It is also good for the dads that don’t like carrying a large diaper bag into the bathroom when it’s his turn to change the diaper.
3.  Rain cover for the stroller.  In Florida, a rain shower could pop up any time of the day, any day of the year.  Having a rain cover for the stroller will serve two purposes.  First, it will keep your kids dryer.  Second, when you park the stroller, it will not only keep the seat dry, but everything in the stroller has a better chance of remaining dry, including your souvenirs and the diapers.  Believe me, you don’t want to find wet diapers in your diaper bag.
4.  Snacks.  Even if you are on the dining plan and think you will have plenty of snacks, always bring snacks that you know your child likes.  This will help keep the grumpy monster away when the line for a snack is a mile long and you need to jump in a long attraction line.  Also, if you have picky eaters, you may not be near a place offering a snack that your child will eat.
5.  Change of clothes for the small children.  It is inevitable.  There will be a big “uh oh” sometime during the trip.  Maybe it will be the crumbling of the Mickey Ice Cream Bar or your precious one decides to jump in the water puddle… and sit down.  With a change of clothes on hand, you will be able to calmly watch the situation, and in some cases laugh.
Strollers can become a way for your little one to get a nap.  Packing a small blanket can make it more comfortable.

Strollers can become a way for your little one to get a nap. Packing a small blanket can make it more comfortable.

This is not by any means an exhaustive list.  I’m sure that there are many more helpful things that could be added.  However, I believe that these are the minimums.  Keep in mind that security will search the stroller and your bags, so as you are approaching the entrance of the park, be prepared to accommodate those who are trying to keep us all safe.

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