T-Rex Cafe: A Roaring Good Time

One of my favorite restaurants from our Disney trip last year was the T-Rex Cafe.  Located in the Downtown Disney Marketplace, this is definitely a fun restaurant for kids of all ages, but especially for the toddler set.  From the extensive menu to the amazing decor inside, there’s always something going on in this restaurant.  We experienced a meteor shower every 20 minutes, with rumbling, explosions and the lights flickering,and my two year old loved it.  It kept him amused while waiting for our food to come out.

The food here was a pleasant surprise for me.  Everything we ordered, from the burgers, to the seafood pasta to chicken was very tasty and the portions were a nice size, big enough that we took some back to the resort and were able to have it another night.  The many rooms in this restaurant really made it stand out for me.  The ice caverns that changed color, the large forest, where we were seated to the giant fish tank made you feel completely immersed in the pre-historic atmosphere.  We were seating next to a giant dinosaur that my son loved and the 15 ft. T-Rex roaring was a thrill for him.

T-Rex Photo

After dinner, the gift shop was another wonder.  The most fun thing to do in there for the toddler set and older is the Build a Dino, from the same people who bring us Build a Bear.  There were many different dinosaurs and accessories to choose from to excite kids of all ages.  The Paleo Zone, which we passed, but did not participate in, looked like a lot of fun, where kids can dig for dinosaur fossils, pan for treasure and have fun learning about the past with the interactive displays.  

This restaurant is definitely one that is on our to eat at list when we visit Disney World again.  The atmosphere is one that takes you back to the time of the dinosaurs and kids of all ages love it. A very happy plus for us hungry parents is that the food is a very good value for the price.  The best part?  The Chocolate Extinction, which is the most amazing dessert I’ve ever seen and tasted, I highly recommend it. T-Rex Cafe is someplace that should go on all mom’s lists of where to eat in Disney; it’s fun for both kids and adults, had a great menu and is a step back in time.

2 comments for “T-Rex Cafe: A Roaring Good Time

  1. 24 March, 2014 at 6:25 am

    We love it too! It has become part of our dining itinerary while in WDW 🙂

  2. Erica
    24 March, 2014 at 6:57 am

    We went to the T-Rex Cafe last time as well but it was a “skip” for us. Our youngest was afraid of the meteor showers, overall it was too loud and the food was way overpriced. We did however, enjoy the dinosaur theming and took on of our favorite pictures from the trip in front of the T Rex. I think like most things it’s worth trying once if you have kids (especially if you have dinosaur fans) but if you have kids that are sensitive to loud places and noises it may be a good idea to bring some ear plugs when you do!

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