Take the Nap!

People often ask me for my best Walt Disney World tip.  Most people are expecting to get an answer that involves how to avoid long lines, what the best restaurant is, or a transportation tip.  But when people ask me what my best Walt Disney World advice is, I immediately say, “Take the nap.”  It is that simple.  Walt Disney World is wonderful, full of colors, music, stimulating rides, bright lights and happy characters, thrilling rides.  No matter what your age though or how many times you have been there, it can overstimulate your senses.  Most sources also say that in a single day at a Disney Park, even when you plan accordingly, you can walk at least 2 miles, but usually around 4-5 miles! Plus central Florida can get a little steamy in the afternoon.  Our family loves Walt Disney World and we love it even more when we make sure we take a break and usually a nap mid afternoon.

A day in the Parks for us usually involves getting there between 8:00-9:00 AM.  We spend the morning enjoying rides, watching shows, and meeting characters. Around 1:00 PM, usually after lunch, we head back to our resort and take a break.  Sometimes we swim, sometimes we watch TV, and sometimes we just sleep!  When we wake, we are refreshed and ready to go enjoy all the amazing night time activities.  We can stay out late and see the fireworks and maybe even experience a lower crowds, all without any major meltdowns from being tired and cranky!

My “take the nap” advice applies to all ages.  Even before we had children and were traveling as a couple, we always took a break in the afternoon. Our children are a bit older now and we still take a break!  We don’t feel like we miss attractions or shows because we are refreshed for everything that we experience.  So, take my once piece of advice…and take the nap!



240 Sarah Garner was born, raised, and continues to live in central Illinois, which is a very long way from the Mouse’s home in Florida.  A former public school teacher turned homeschool mom, she enjoys reading, quilting, and cooking (but really only have time for the last one).  She recently started planning dream Disney vacations for clients!  She has been to Walt Disney World 18 times, Disneyland one time, and her family recently took their second Disney cruise.  Married for 12 years to her high school sweetheart, she has an 8 year old son and a 7 year old daughter.



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