Taking Newbies to Disney World

On two occasions, so far, we’ve had the pleasure of taking newbies, or adults who haven’t been since they were a child, and their kids, to Disney…oh what fun you can have!  First comes the planning.  On our last trip, we made reservations, then later found out about a new discount that started the day we were slated to arrive, if you call, they’ll give you the discount!  How awesome is that?!?!  Being the first trip we’d taken without using a DVC resort in a few years, we stayed in adjoining pirate rooms at Disney’s Caribbean Beach Resort, I’m not sure who had more fun, the kids or the parents!  Your fridge is in a barrel!

Then comes showing them the resort, and all the cool things to do at the resort.  On our last trip, both families had a single 6-year-old son, so the pools were a big hit!  The evening movies, and snacks abound!  Ahoy matey!  Of course, the buses can take some getting use to, but if ever you have a question, just ask, those bus drivers seem to know everything!  The parks!  It’s so much fun showing someone around, and saving them time and effort.  I’ve met people who didn’t do their research and thought you had to pay for a FASTPASS. But when used and learned properly, FASTPASS can save you time and headaches!

Lastly, showing them the airport on the way home.  This part usually isn’t the most fun.  But there are tips we’ve learned here too…like not using all your left over snacks on beverages, since you can’t take them with you anyways, we tried once, didn’t work. And finally, relaxing on the plane.  Let’s face it, we don’t go to Disney to relax, so sit back, enjoy letting someone else drive, because in a few hours you’ll realize you don’t have a monorail anymore!

Samantha is the author of this article for submission into The Disney Moms writing contest.  She describes herself as follows: I am wife, mom of one, very small business owner, DVC member and Disney fanatic.  I’d like to submit this little sample of my writing.  I truly hope you like it, and would love to write for, and/or answer questions for The Disney Moms.

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