The Boneyard Playground at Animal Kingdom

You find yourself at the Disney parks with your littles having a great time. Then it reaches late morning and it is hot, the lines are long and your family is starting to get a little restless. If it isn’t naptime/resort reboot time and your littles need to burn off a little steam, head on over to one of the Disney park playgrounds! At the Animal Kingdom, you would be looking for The Boneyard over in Dinoland USA, one of the best playgrounds Disney has to offer and considered an attraction all on its own, in this Disney family’s opinion anyway!

Now, if you hadn’t been to The Boneyard, you might be asking yourself, what makes it different from playgrounds back home and why should I spend my valuable and very limited Disney time at a playground?!? Well, you might first want to consider your family’s needs when planning your Disney itinerary! Are your kids really active? Limited attention span? Enjoy the rides but hate waiting in line? To young to understand why they can just run a muck in the park? Big dinosaur fans? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then you might want to heavily consider making a point to visit The Boneyard and help prevent a Disney park meltdown!

The Boneyard has so much to offer for children 10 and younger from giant, multi-level mazes to a dig site! Slide down numerous slides, cross (safe) rope bridges, play musical bones, walk in a dinosaurs foot prints, play pretend in a real jeep, imagine adventures you are on and so much more!


When we went this past fall, Lil’ was just under three years old and he was tired of being restrained in the stroller and by our arms one morning at the Animal Kingdom. It was already in our plans to check out The Boneyard, so we decided it was time head on over for some Disney free play! Lil’ LOVES a good sandbox, so we headed over to the dig site first to excavate some wooly mammoth remains. When we arrived, we discovered that this isn’t like a traditional sand pit! This sand pit not only has neat things to unearth, but it doesn’t contain sand at all, the pit is filled with tiny pebbles of some sort. The sensation was very different from what Lil’ was used to, so he took some time to explore this new texture during his dig. In this area, there is seating for the adults, it is covered and there are fans, so we enjoyed this area for a little while. Then Lil’ noticed some of the bigger kids running to one of the nearby maze entrances and suddenly he was done with the dig site! We were off and I sent Husband into the maze with Lil’ since it was so large and I was a little worried he would get stuck or lost or worse, hurt. Nope, he was good! Lil’ only needed a little help getting up the rope crawl but other than that, he held his own and happy as a lark! I think one of his favorite things was the selection of slides with all the twists, turns and tunnels! Husband ended up going down one of the largest slides offered at the playground and I’m glad I got a picture of that one! There was something to do, play with or climb on in every inch of this large playground. Our family will make it a point to visit The Boneyard again on our next trip and hopefully Lil’ will be old enough to venture into the maze on his own!

(top left going clockwise) Lil' at the dig site, Husband and Lil' enjoying the maze, Husband and Lil' on the slides

(top left going clockwise) Lil’ at the dig site, Husband and Lil’ enjoying the maze, Husband and Lil’ on the slides

Please note that The Boneyard is enclosed, as a safety measure, so kids don’t escape into all areas of the park. It is an open air play area and does provide some shaded areas and fans to keep the family on the cooler side but keep in mind that not all areas are covered, so slather on the sunscreen at all times of the year and keep hydrated! Most importantly, have fun and take lots of pictures!

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