The Disney Back Pack List: Essential items to include for a magical day

By Frances Mouze Kateerz

Packing for a vacation, most especially your expensive Disney vacation, is such a big deal. My husband and I used to haul in two back packs for us and our two children every time we entered into the parks. Faced with bag check lines and sore shoulders, we narrowed it down to one with room to spare.

Here is our must-have list for the Disney back pack.

  1. Tickets :-)
  2. Condensed wallet: Driver License, room key with charging capabilities, insurance cards and a few dollars cash. You can leave your Costco membership card at home or in the room. It’s not going to benefit you at the parks.
  3. Two bottles of water. I freeze them during the hotter months.
  4. Small bottle of Hand Sanitizer.
  5. Baby Wipes. Even with older kids, it’s nice to be able to quickly clean your hands.
  6. Sunscreen & lip balm with SPF.  Some people don’t realize you definitely can get a sunburn in December while in sunny Florida.
  7. Granola bars, trail mix or goldfish. Nice quick snacks to tie you over till your reservation. I would avoid chocolate because it melts.
  8. Rain Ponchos for everyone. They don’t have to be expensive. I use the ones that are less than $1 at Target and Wal-Mart. They are very small and I can toss them in the trash after I use them if I need to. I usually take eight per trip and take four in the backpack.
  9. During hotter months, I take a washcloth in a Zip Lock bag. I can wet it down and to help keep cooler. Zip Lock bags can also keep your camera dry.
  10. Hairbrush to untangle my daughter’s hair midday.
  11. Camera, and maybe extra batteries.
  12. Boo Boo kit. Band aids, Neosporin and ibuprofen

The well-planned backpack, or any sort of bag, is essential for your day at the parks.

Packing everything you need for the day can keep your trip costs down and make your life far easier, and your vacation much more fun, when you don’t have to worry about everything you forgot.
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2 comments for “The Disney Back Pack List: Essential items to include for a magical day

  1. 10 August, 2012 at 5:12 pm

    Great list! I usually take a small suitcase worth of stuff just for a grocery shop, I’m dreading the amount of stuff I’ll be taking into the parks this year with a 2 year old 😉 I’ll keep this list handy lol, thanks!

  2. 12 August, 2012 at 7:45 pm

    Great list! We tend to leave behind the rain ponchos even though we know to expect the afternoon showers especially in the summer. We just make sure not to wear white and enjoy the cooling off! We actually have our Disney Park Kit down to one waist belt pouch (Disney of course!) which my husband gallantly wears and carries through the bag check line while I slip through the guests without bags line. I do carry a water bottle lanyard we got at Disney a few years ago which helps us remember to stay hydrated while keeping our hands free!

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