The Disneyland Hotel beautiful new offerings and landscape.

Today instead of talking about the gluten free options that are available at the Disneyland Resorts; I am going to talk about the beautiful new offerings and landscape that Disneyland Hotel. The Disneyland Hotel has recently done a major renovation.

When you walk into the Hotel there are these two beautiful statues of Mickey and Miney Mouse and there is a great spot to stand and take a photo of your loved ones.

We didn’t stay however we went to see what has been done on the outside. I will give you a more in depth tour after the Easter holidays. We always stay Easter weekend at the Hotel and partake in the annual Easter Egg hunt for all guests of the Disney Resorts.

The Disneyland Resorts has updated the pool.

They have a fun new water slide.

In addition to they have renamed a couple of the towers. The Adventure tower formally named the Dreams tower. The Fantasy tower which is the main building where check in is, formally named the Magic tower and last The Frontier tower formally the Wonder tower.

They also have two new great places to eat while hanging out by the pool The Togaroa Terrace and The Trader Sams Bar  both the restaurant and the bar share out door seating and if your lucky enough to visit at night there is live entertainment.

I hope the next time you come to Disneyland you to have the opportunity stay at the Disneyland Resorts.

Enjoy and don’t forget to visit my site Cooking Underwriter for your gluten free recipes, hotel’s and restaurants that have gluten free options.

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