The Garden Grill – A Restaurant Review

Let me start off by saying that The Garden Grill is a truly unique dining experience and is certainly worth considering adding your dining plans!

The Garden Grill is located in EPCOTS Future World and serves American food, family style. There is also Character Dining during their dinner service which is the only time this restaurant is open.  The Garden Grill was a first for us on our trip this past fall. There were several great things about this dinner. Eating with Mickey, Pluto, Chip and Dale was top of our list (characters subject to change without notice)! It was also nice that this is a smaller restaurant, so we got lots of time with each character and some great pictures. Another really neat thing about The Garden Grill is that it is attached to Living with the Land attraction, where they cultivate all sorts of food and fish, so many of the items you are served at the restaurant, can been seen during the ride! We rode the ride and then went and ate the things we just saw, which was really neat and I highly recommend everyone do the same since it adds another level of enjoyment to your meal. Something else that we enjoyed was that the really yummy food was served family style, which was great for us traveling with a child under 3 since he could eat anything off our plates and we could just order more of whatever we wanted! Need more chicken? Just ask for more! How it works here is your server brings out a platter with three different dishes appropriate for your party size; a chicken, a beef and a fish, along with tasty sides was what was presented to our family. Sample what you wish and then order more of your favorite. Do you like the side that goes with the fish but prefer the beef? They will make that happen! If you can score their homemade, straight from Living with the Land ride, sweet potato fries, then you have GOT TO TRY THEM! We couldn’t stop eating them!!!

Garden GrillThere was one thing about The Garden Grill that got mixed reviews with our party of three… The restaurant rotates slowly in a circle though several scenes of the Living with the Land attraction. There are two levels in this round restaurant, try to get a seat on the lower level so you get better views of the ride as you pass threw them. We were seated on the upper level and our view was extremely limited but it was fine since we were able to spend so much times with the characters. Something also to point out, husband and I both suffer from motion sickness which can be a real downer on some rides at Disney. My motion sickness doesn’t seem to bother me on any degree of attraction rides, just on car and plane rides. Husband on the other hand can’t ride virtual rides at all. While the rotation of the restaurant didn’t really bother me or Lil’, it did effect Husband to a point that he didn’t fully enjoy The Garden Grill as much as we did. Lil’ and I would eat here again in a heartbeat. Husband would consider eating here as long as he had some anti-nasua meds in hand.

Overall, I would recommend giving this eatery two thumbs up and one of the best character dining experiences that we had on our last trip, despite the motion sickness. The food was fresh and unique, we got a lot of time with each character and the atmosphere of being part of the ride is great!

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