The Oceaneer Club and Lab on Disney Cruise Line Part 2

Our children love the kids programs on the Disney Cruise Line.  Who wouldn’t when you can make Flubber, have story time with Princess Tiana, go on an adventure with Captain Hook, or play some of the latest computer and video games?

On a Disney Cruise, there are two separate spaces for children ages 3-12.  On the ships we have been on there is the Oceaneer Club and the Oceaneer Lab. Each ship has different decor, but always geared toward something kids love, such as Andy’s Room from Toy Story or Peter Pan’s Ship.  In the daily Navigator that is delivered to your room each night all the special activities are listed for the Club and Lab.  Disney does a great job of appealing to all learning styles and activity levels of children.  There are hands on activities like a cooking school where they can make chocolate chip cookies, a animation academy, or a treasure hunt that you need to run around the club collecting things.  There are also quieter activities such as a story time with a princess, movies, or art.  On the Magic there is even an Avenger’s Academy where children can meet their favorite super hero or “become” them via computer. Often our children would pick activities that they wanted to do the night before and then we would make sure that we were there a few minutes early so they could make sure to jump in to the fun.

Even if your children don’t want to participate in the organized activities, there are plenty of activities to keep them entertained.  The lab has several bays of computers that feature amazing Disney games as well as video games.  There are building materials like blocks or dress up outfits.  The Toy Room on the Magic and the Pirate Ship on the Wonder are indoor play areas.  The greatest thing about both the Club and the Lab is that children feel like they have a choice in what they play and do.

A Disney Cruise with your family is a great way to relax and still experience the magic of Disney.  Your children will love all the amazing choices they have in spaces created just for them!



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