The “Rare” Necessities – 5 Items You Should Consider Packing for Your Next Trip


If you are anything like me, you start planning what to pack for your next Disney World vacation early on. You make list upon list of different items you should bring, possibly lists for each family member and maybe even a separate list for your park bag. You painstakingly itemize each piece into categories to make sure not one item has been left behind. Then, a week before your departure date, you lay out all your bags and begin packing, checking off each item as you get it put in the bag. I bet there are a few items though that you may have never considered bringing. Some are definite items for your park bags, others can stay behind at the room, but these will certainly help you plan for the unexpected during your next visit to a Disney park!
Plan for unfamiliar environments.
Ever been in an unfamiliar room that is pitch black? Ever trip over the pair of shoes your five-year-old left in the middle of the room on your way to the bathroom during the night? Ever try to leave the bathroom door cracked just a bit to help you stumble through an unfamiliar room in the middle of the night but find that its either too bright or does nothing at all? Consider throwing a cheap nightlight in your suitcase the next time you head down to Disney! Plug one in and save yourself from tripping over the newest Olaf that your toddler decided to throw right in the middle of the floor.
Plan to get wet.
I hate to be the bearer of bad news – but it will probably rain at least once during your vacation. We absolutely despise wet socks in our family and we cannot stand being stuck in them while walking miles and miles around the parks. During our last trip it rained every single day and we quickly learned how miserable wet socks and shoes are. On the second day of our trip, we each carried in a pair of flip flops to change into in case of rain. At the first sign of rain, our tennis shoes when into a shopping bag and we wore flip flops until the sun came back out. We did have a stroller, which made it way easier to store the tennis shoes while it rained.
Speaking of getting wet, Disney has a couple of rides where you will definitely get wet! Splash Mountain is one of my favorites, but I’m always nervous about my cell phone and camera while riding through my laughing place. I have started carrying re-sealable zipper storage bags in my backpack to store my phone and camera. I even throw my watch in there as well! Consider bringing in a gallon size bag for any autograph books you may be carrying around!
Plan for germs.
Millions of people visit Disney World every day – with visitors come germs! The last thing I want to be doing while playing at the Happiest Place on Earth is go out hunting for cold medicine. I try to bring just about any medication I may possibly need while on vacation. Our last trip I even brought the eye drops from the last bout of pink eye my son had! I was definitely over prepared, but knew we would not need to buy $15 cold medicine from the gift shop.
Plan for accidents.
During one trip, our son was stung by a bee while waiting in line to meet Donald Duck. We were able to get ice from a cast member inside a restaurant. We later found a first aid station and were given a packet of sting relief ointment and a band-aid. While on this same trip, and our son also fell and cut his chin when we were waiting in line to meet Buzz Lightyear and Woody. It wasn’t terrible, but it really needed to be cleaned and covered with a small band-aid. We of course went to the nearest cast member and requested a band-aid and were told they did not carry any. We would have to leave the line and go all the way back to the front of the park to find the nearest first-aid station. The sweet ladies at the first aid stations were extremely helpful, but it would have been nice to have treated these small accidents ourselves without trekking all the way back to the front of the park . I now carry a small first aid kit in our back pack to avoid having to go to the first-aid stations for minor injuries.

Do you have any unconventional items that you pack for Disney trips? I would love to hear how to further improve my packing lists! Make sure to leave a comment below!

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