The Tree of Life



The Tree of Life

The Tree of Life located on Discovery Island in Animal Kingdom is one beautiful sight to behold. I have always been amazed with the beauty of this tree with all the animals that are carved into the tree.

This tree is no ordinary tree as it is 145 feet tall and is all man-made. It took Disney imagineers 18 months to build. This tree has 100,000 leaves on the tree and the trunk is over 50 feet wide. Underneath the tree is the attraction It’s Tough to Be a Bug. To get to It’s Tough to Be a Bug you wind around the base of the Tree of Life where you can get an upclose view of the animals carved into the trunk.

There is 325 animals carved into the base of the trunk. There are reptiles, mammals, birds and fish. There was 20 artists who carved all those animals into the trunk. Each animal that was carved into the base of the tree had to be completed in 6-10 hours or the plaster that they were carving into would become to hard to work with.


Animals carved into the tree.


More animals carved into the tree.

 The Tree of Life is a great photo opportunity. Many people take pictures of this tree either by itself or with them in it. One of my favorite photo opportunities is to take pictures of all the animal carvings. I think every time I go see the tree I see something different.

Weather it is your first time to Animal Kingdom or your 100th be sure to take time and enjoy the tree of life and all its beauty. Who knows you might see something that you haven’t seen before.

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