The Under 2 Crowd take the Reigns

When all of us plan to go to Walt Disney World we think of riding rides, great meals, and meeting all the characters.  For the younger crowd it is just not the same.  They just want to wander around, look at the colors, and touch everything!

Each child is different and their interests will vary but one thing is the same, they will not follow whatever touring plan you have created for your trip.  So learn your child’s likes and dislikes, move at their pace, and just go with the flow.

On our last trip our son was one and a half year’s old.  My husband had great plans with photo ops on all of the classic Disney rides.   In the end all our son wanted to do was climb on all the different benches.  We spent hours wandering the parks in search of different benches to climb on.

At first we were frustrated that he was not ‘experiencing Disney’ but now I look back and treasure those memories of following him from bench to bench.  We also discovered some wonderful hidden areas within the parks.  Especially in the Animal Kingdom.

So just remember that the memories are important and plans are just that – a plan!

Mary from Capturing Magical Memories

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