This is Halloween..almost!

1091Fall cannot come soon enough , and with fall comes my favorite  time of year to visit the parks. I hope you are lucky enough to have a trip that  coincides  around the time of September through November . The  Happily Haunted Magic Kingdom boasts fun decor , and has an overall joy for Autumn.  I personally love seeing the park decked out in Harvest Orange Mickey wreaths and the most un-frightening  cute Mickey pumpkins that illuminate the entire Magic Kingdom. So much happy Magic  comes along with the season.

One of the best events Disney offers is Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party. The event is a trick or treat among other things, all inside the park.  Parents are encouraged to engage in the fun and dress up with with the kiddos.  It’s actually quite a treat to see all the effort Disney fans put into attending the event and dressing up, So many characters are also dressed in Halloween costumes, too.   If you’re worried about the event causing major park traffic, don’t worry. The park is generally less crowded during the weeks of late September, after President’s day. Mickeys Not So Scary Halloween Party is  is offered from September 10 – November 01, 2013 ( on select nights). You can already purchase tickets now and score some better deals.

As a Mom who loves big families and starting the love of Disney young, I deem this event age appropriate for all, and Disney does too, however, some tips : It tends to be very dark, so if you have little ones, encourage them ahead of time that this is a fun event (and it is, there is nothing menacing to kids). I bring two tiny flash lights that conveniently are on our key chain (you can get your kids interested in them before they see the nighttime light making toys that can be costly). Bring along some plastic storage bags in your backpack or stroller. I found this especially helpful in stashing our candy which isn’t all that much, but fair, and just enough for the kids, and adults.  Also, bring baby wipes, Halloween or not; those faces can get sweaty, and pretty Princesses need a touch-up every now and then, and some of those sticky treats can be pretty pesky. You might also want to  bring some size-appropriate ear plugs in the event your children are sensitive to loud noises, the “Boo to You” parade  and “Happy Hallowishes” fireworks might look more spooky than a typical Tuesday, but they are not louder, and it’s better to be prepared.

You can look forward to all kinds of spooky fun at Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party. Fans love the Disney Villains Dance Mix and Mingle part of this event, as you can party in front of the castle with all of your favorite characters. You also really have to see Main Street done up for fall, and then as a “Halloweentown” at night, one recurring theme guests brag over each year  is the amazing character-greeting opportunities that are presented at the event, with more Villains and Characters, like good old like  Jack Skellington and Sally, that are only out and around in Autumn.

Make sure to note that the tickets you purchase for M.N.S.S.H.P. include park admission, it’s is a 54.00 – 62.00 priced ticket (depending on the date/age and your number of  guests). This party ticket serves as a one day pass, keeping in mind though, this celebration (or rather, the party) generally begins at around 6:30 P.M. You will be entering the park as most folks are ending the day at the Magic Kingdom, while the park is closing for its daily hours, which tends to close rather early (7pm most nights), the park remains open for it’s Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Guests, and park guests who have already purchased their ticket.

I encourage you to take a look at the dates before you go and be aware that General park admission does not include admittance to the event, and all the other Halloween fun that comes along with the Party. Be sure to pack a few gift cards so your kids, or yourself can go a little crazy after all that candy with some shopping (but budgeted within the gift cards) and buy special seasonal treats at the confectionery, and numerous special memorabilia that is only available during Halloween time at the parks. Enjoy the cooler temps, and remember to celebrate like the Pumpkin King with your family.


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