Tips for Long Queue Lines with Children

So you are traveling with a child that has no concept of time and patience.  There are worse things that could happen in life.  You could have someone hold your eyelids open and pluck all of your eyelashes out, or you could peel the nail completely off of your toe.  Those would be worse, maybe not by much, but still they would be worse.
Seven Dwarves Mine Train Queue

Queue line with activities for children

Fortunately many of the lines at the Disney parks have interesting areas for kids to play and forget that they are stuck in a line waiting.  The Seven Dwarves Mine Train, the Haunted Mansion, and Dumbo are just a few that have special areas for your little ones to explore.

Snacks are always a good way to keep little ones occupied.  There are so many things to do at a Disney park that eating can seem like an unnecessary distraction to your small child.  Then all of a sudden the grumpies show up while standing in line for that one attraction that they have been so excited to see.  Chances are good that they need a snack.  A granola bar, pack of crackers, small container of dry cereal, or of course any of the amazing snacks that you can find before you get in the line could be the one thing that is needed to fight the grumpies away.  Along this same idea, remember to stay hydrated.  Becoming dehydrated can cause your little ones to have a hard time listening to your otherwise simple instructions.

Time can seem to move faster when your mind is busy.  There are hidden Mickey books that can give clues to finding those treasures in queue lines and throughout the parks.  It is a life size seek and find.  Instead of looking for hidden items on a sheet of paper, the entire surrounding area becomes part of the game.

Sometimes the best way to deal with children in line is to avoid the long lines as much as possible.  In order to do this, get a Fast Pass for the most popular attractions.  It is best to begin getting the Fast Passes as soon as possible on the My Disney Experience app or website.  Many of the more popular attractions run out of fast passes very quick.  However, continually check back during your visit since sometimes trips are cancelled and passes are released.

Another way to avoid a long line with your little one is to use the child swap.  This gives the ability for both grown-ups to ride without having to wait in the stand-by line twice.  Imagine having a baby and a small child.  The baby cannot ride Big Thunder Mountain, but your four year old would ride it ten times in a row, if that were an option.  In this case, one parent can ride with the four year old while the other watches the baby.  Once the ride is over, the waiting parent returns with the four year old, and the adventurous little one gets to ride again.  It is a win-win situation.

Also remember that if your small child does not care about parades, lines will be shorter during those times.  Just think about all of those people along the route, watching the parade.  Those people are not in line!  Of course there is only one problem with this.  You cannot be in two places at one time, so be sure that missing the parade is what the group wants to do.

During peak seasons, long lines are just a part of the normal experience.  Although I cannot guarantee that your precious little angel will not have an epic meltdown, these suggestions may just save the day.  Remember, there is a reason that the lines are long.  It is because those attractions are really amazing!!  Keep things light and busy, and those lines will pale in the memories of the fun you had.

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