Tips for Remembering your Fantastic Disney Vacation

Your trip was the perfect family trip.  Everyone had a great time, there were no major melt downs, and your planning saved the day.  Now you are home and you want to preserve this trip in an album and now you can’t remember some of the details.  “Where were we when we did that?  What did I have to eat that was so great?  What was that about?”

Here are some quick tips to gather the details while experiencing those great memories so you don’t forget them:

1. Grab the memorabilia: If there is a handout, flyer, sticker, brochure – pick it up.  You can reference it later to jog your memory.

2. Signs, signs, everywhere there are signs : Yep, take photos of signs.  Some are informative and some are entertaining.  Either way, they can help you remember where you were at the time and what you were doing.

3. What’s on the menu : If you can get a copy of the menu that is great but you can also take a photo of the menu so you remember what you all had.

4. Stickers! :  You get stickers all the time at Walt Disney World.  Some are from Cast Members and others come when you accomplish something (especially at Inoventions).  These are great for remembering but they are also great added to your albums as a bit of flair.

Hope these ideas got you thinking about how you remember those special moments.  What else do you do?



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