Tour of Reedy Creek Fire Department

Many of us have been to Walt Disney World more than once, and sometimes it is nice to try to find things to do outside of the norm.

Last November I was lucky enough to meet the Reedy Creek Fire Chief and take a tour of the Emergency Services HQ in WDW.


The fire department began life in 1968 and provided protection for the development of the Magic Kingdom.


Today it has 4 stations and approximately 160 fire-fighters, paramedics and officers.


We were lucky enough to tour the building, see some of the vehicles and equipment and meet the staff on duty.


It was a really enjoyable look into something on property that was totally different from the parks (by steve).


What other fire station would have this?


At the end of the tour I was given this Challenge Coin, which I will treasure forever.



Have you ever done something super fun like this at Disney? Let us know your stories!


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