Visit with Disney’s Cars at the Walt Disney World Resort!

2012 marked the year Disney’s Cars made it’s debut as part of Disneyland in California. The reviews on Carsland are amazing and can make you want to travel there just to see what Lightning McQueen and all the folks of Radiator Springs are up to (I know I have)! But let’s say Disneyland isn’t in the cards for your family anytime soon but Walt Disney World is! Maybe you have already made your reservations for Florida or you have a passion for the World and can’t bring yourself to skip it to head over to Disneyland or you simply live closer to the state of Florida. Whatever your reason for heading to World vs Land, you can still satisfy your need to visit with your favorite Cars!

Our son, lovingly nicknamed Lil’ (age 3), goes nuts for all things Cars and we almost centered an entire trip to Disneyland just for that reason, but I have a preference to Disney World, so I came up with a solution! We planned a half day trip to Disney’s newest hotel on the Disney World resort, The Art of Animation, which is divided into four sections, each based on a popular Disney film. Finding Nemo, Lion King, Little Mermaid and Disney’s Cars make up the entire value resort that you can find yourself when staying or simply VISITING and it is done up in true Disney style!

The Art of Animation Lobby

One morning, during our trip to WDW fall 2012, we took a bus from the resort we were staying at to Downtown Disney (the closest place to transfer to another resort since buses don’t run from resort to resort) and then hopped onto the bus to The Art of Animation. After spending a few moments in the lobby, we headed out into Finding Nemo, which was awesome. The “underwater” landscape, the larger then life Nemo characters, the building exterior… it all made you feel just like you were part of Nemo’s world. But I digress, we are here to talk about Cars, not fish! We did take a few moments to walk through Finding Nemo, but then quickly headed over to our target, Cars!

Finding Nemo section of The Art of Animation resort

Walking up, I watched Lil’s face light up with excitement seeing this world that he has seen so many times on the TV scene but now it was here, in front of him, where he can touch and interact. It is made to look just like the movie complete with desert landscape, the Cozy Cone Motel, Tow Maters Junkyard and paved streets perfect for cruisin’! We took time to “meet”, greet and take pictures with each of the life size Cars character and at times we spent our time chasing after Lil’ who would jet off to see his next favorite. Visiting this mini-version of Disneyland’s Carsland at the Art of Animation allowed Lil’ to get his Cars fix while at WDW but most importantly, this “attraction” allowed us to get some great family pictures and left us with wonderful family memories!

Lil’, Mater and I

Lightning, Lil’, Husband, Sally, Wheel Well and Mommy

Our family would recommend this little half day adventure if someone in your family wants a little more Cars interaction then to stop and take a picture with Lightning and Mater or seeing Lightning do a stunt or two at Lights, Motor, Action which are both located at Hollywood Studios.


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