Wheelchair Accessibility at Disney Restaurants

I often get questions about the wheelchair accessibility of Walt Disney World restaurants. No matter how small or tight the restaurants can be I have never had any issues. One thing that I think helps is letting them know when you make your Advance Dining Reservations that someone in your party will be using a wheelchair. You can do this when you call or if you’re like me, when you make your reservations on the Walt Disney World website.

After you choose when you wish to make your reservation, on the next screen where you put your personal information, there is a box that you can check that says I have special requests or a food allergy.

After you check that box there is an option to request wheelchair accessibility. This lets the restaurant know ahead of time that you need a table that is accessible.

I think doing this helps both you and the restaurant. Several dining locations have booths, areas accessible only by stairs, or tables that can be hard to get to. This lets them know ahead of time not to reserve those tables for your party and can insure that you don’t end up waiting extra time.

If you have any questions about specific restaurants let me know in the comments. I love talking about Disney dining!

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