When should we book our Disney vacation? | Disney Q&A

Disney Q&A:

“Penny, when is the best time to book a Disney World trip? Disney is expensive and it’s going to be an investment for our family. We are going to need to save some money up to pay for it and we want to be sure to get the very best price. Are you able to help us?”

Absolutely! Even though memories are priceless, the vacation you take to make them will cost actual dollars and cents. As a fan of Dave Ramsey, I 100% believe families should be mindful of the costs and save up to pay off their vacations before they arrive. That’s why I encourage my clients to book early…just as soon as you possibly can book.

Here are my top 5 reasons for booking your Disney vacation 9-15 months in advance:


1. The best time to get the lowest price for your Disney trip is the day you book it. Let me explain. If you book and a promotion is released, I will evaluate it to see if the discount is a better price and then I switch your package to the lower price. I constantly price check for my clients (PS the internet booking engines do not automatically price adjust for you). If you wait to book, you may miss out on the best promotion for your travel dates.

2. Booking early also helps you avoid Disney’s annual (and sometimes more often) price increases. In other words, you can vacation NEXT year at THIS year’s prices.

3. Disney is popular. There are no “slow months” anymore. Planning early gives you plenty of time to learn more about Disney and the many (many) different decisions you need to make in advance to be properly prepared to enjoy your vacation time.

4. A Disney vacation package only requires a $200 deposit. Once you make the first investment into your vacation, you’ll begin looking forward to it and the planning months are a super fun part of the vacay!

5. Disney has a very flexible payment plan. NO INTEREST (unlike credit cards) and you are able to make payments as often as you wish. You will actually be able to watch your vacation being paid for during your countdown. Technically, they only require a final payment at 30 days prior to arrival, so you can craft the perfect payment option for your family budget.

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