Why I love a Disney Cruise :)

I love a Disney Cruise. I wanted to share why I love Disney Cruise’s so much. I run a business as a travel planner and my husband Charlie runs a business too. When we go on normal vacations we work some every day, but not on a Disney Cruise. When you go on a cruise it’s so relaxing and easy to unplug. You really have nothing to worry about it’s all taken care of for you. My son almost cried getting off the ship on our last cruise because at 15 he knew it was back to the real world without a pool, funnel-vision( the big TV above the pool), and all you can eat pizza, burgers, chicken strips, and ice cream by the pool.


This is my son riding the smaller boat into Grand Cayman.

My family loves the ship as much as the ports. The service is amazing and we’ve been super happy every time. We enjoy exploring new islands together and Grand Cayman had one of my favorite port adventures- StingRay City.

kissing a sting ray

I can’t even put into words how wonderful Stingray city was. I almost canceled 3 times because I was so worried we would either hurt a Stingray or a Stingray would hurt us. I am so glad we did not cancel it was a once in a lifetime experience – that I really hope to repeat.

When I am helping plan Disney Cruise’s for my clients some frequent questions that I get ask are:”Will I get motion sickness?”- I can not answer this 100% but I can tell you I have planned lots and lots of cruises and never had a client get motion sickness. There are many things that can be done to prevent and help with motion sickness if you do get it. I personally have had it one time for one day on a cruise in Alaska. I took meds from the ship doctor and slept it off and was ready to go by that evening.

The next question I get asked a lot is “what the beds are like In our Cabins?” on Disney Cruise’s we have always had the queen bed and then the couch is a bed for one child and the bed that comes out of the ceiling :) Here is a picture of that bed and my two kids take turns sleeping in it because they both want the ceiling bed LOL.


So is a Disney Cruise right for your family? Do you love Disney but want a more laid back trip that’s a little more relaxing? If the answer is yes then a Disney Cruise could be your answer 😉

This cruise is a great one to test out and the first cruise my family sailed was this itinerary. When we took this one it was on the Disney Wonder but now the Disney Dream sails this itinerary. You can sail on the Dream for 3 to 4 nights and it gives you a great taste of what a Disney Cruise is like.


I have a few tips to leave you with to add a little fun to your cruise. One -stateroom door magnets are a must. The kids love them and it makes your door so much easier to find.


Pirate night on the Caribbean and Bahamian cruise- Join the fun and dress the entire family up.


One last tip get a cheap plain white photo mat and vinyl letters made up and then have the characters sign the mat while you’re on the ship. When you get home place your favorite picture from the cruise in it and frame it.


I wanted to talk about one of my favorite places to sail on a Disney Cruise and that’s Castaway Cay- Disney’s Private Island. I love a day at Castaway Cay.

My favorite things to do there are snorkel, eat the food that’s included in the price of your cruise offered on the island, and lay in a beach chair in the sun reading a good book. My kids love to swim there and build sandcastles. There is a 5 K race first thing in the morning you can sign up on the ship for the run.



Thanks for taking the time to read my post on why I love a Disney cruise.

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