Why our family likes the World Showcase at Epcot.


Spaceship Earth viewed from the Japan pavilion in the World Showcase.

Spaceship Earth viewed from the Japan pavilion in the World Showcase.

Epcot is a must do park for us. In the ideal vacation we love to plan 2 days at Epcot, but the last several trips we have been only able to go once on the trip. We especially like the World Showcase. We could spend a whole day wandering around the lagoon looking at each country.

Why do we love the World Showcase?

We love it because we can go see 11 countries without even going out of the state of Florida. We love to explore each pavilion, some of them we have still to see and experience all there is to do at each pavilion. The kids like to collect stamps at each of the Kidcot stations at each country. That makes it fun for the younger ones and it makes a nice souvenir for them.

What countries can you actually experience in the World Showcase? 

You can see:






The American Adventure




United Kingdom


How we get our kids excited about Epcot.

As a homeschooling family we like to study some of the countries at Epcot before we go on our trip to Disney World. We check out library books on the country and read up on them. When the kids were younger we had a learning coloring book on some of the countries that we would copy for each child so that they had their own book on that country.

Do you like the World Showcase at Epcot? Is it a must do thing or not?

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