Yo-Ho-Yo-Ho! A Pirate’s Life for Me! Our Pirate’s League Adventure!

Princesses. Fairytales. Glitter. Ball gowns. Magic wands. Disney really knows how to make dreams come true for a Princess-in-Training. But what about kids who desire adventure on the seven seas?! What about kids who want to search for treasure instead of a missing glass slipper?! Disney World has just the right place for these little adventurers. The Pirate’s League will transform your child into a pirate or a mermaid with packages starting for as little as $29.95 – a huge bonus for this budget watching mom!

During our family’s last trip to Walt Disney World we were able to sign our 3-year-old up for the Pirate’s League. From what I understand, reservations are not required but are definitely recommended. They can fill up pretty quickly especially on days where Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party is taking place. I did call and make a reservation and requested the Jake and the Neverland Pirates Package when making my reservation. The Cast Member explained that we could change our mind upon arrival however, in case our son wanted to go more Pirates of the Caribbean rather than Jake.
We arrived about 15 minutes before our morning appointment and were taken back within just a couple of minutes. I had brought a costume for our son to use, but we were offered a Jake shirt for an additional $12. It was about 90 degrees that day, so a T-shirt sounded like a much better option than a polyester pirate jacket! They had all sorts of different pirate costumes and accessories to choose from!
In true Disney fashion, the themeing and décor was unbelievable once inside! Pirate flags and portraits hung from the walls and ceilings and the lighting gave it that true pirate tavern feel. The transformation room had many stations that could accommodate a lot of kids at once. After changing into his Jake shirt, our son was called back to his station for the transformation to begin. The cast members working here must have an absolute blast – there was singing and joking going on the entire time we were there. And within minutes of sitting down, Jack Sparrow himself was there to welcome our son!

meet Jack

Some pirate advice from Jack Sparrow

With the Jake package, our son received the full makeup effects with the thick eyebrows and sideburns and to top it off even received Jake’s “hair” and bandana.  The final touches included a tattoo and fake teeth.  Once his transformation was complete, he took his pirate oath and was given a sheath and cutlass to solidify his place in the Pirate’s League!  An announcement was made officially congratulating him on becoming a pirate and cheers and applause erupted throughout the room. We were then whisked away into Captain Jack’s super secret treasure room where he had photos taken and was given a treasure chest containing a piece of Captain Jack’s treasure.  Personal cameras are not allowed in the treasure room and your official pirate photos are taken by a Photopass photographer.  The photos can be linked to a Memory Maker account or purchased separately.

treasure room

The Official Pirate Portrait!

This was an awesome experience for our son and we would do it again in a heartbeat. The cost for the package was $45 after we added the optional Jake shirt. The quality of the makeup used was pretty good. It survived the 90 degree temperature with a few minor touch-ups with a baby wipe throughout the day. I would recommend bringing a gentle make-up remover to fully remove the make-up though at the end of the day – there was a ton of scrubbing going on the next morning! Our son had a blast and he still talks about meeting Jack Sparrow, but my favorite part happened moments after finishing up at the Pirates League when we ran into Captain Hook – talk about a fantastic photo-op!

captain hook

Captain Hook and Jake!

We are looking forward to our next visit to the Pirate’s League!

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  1. GRTrnka
    26 September, 2014 at 6:28 am

    After joining the Pirate’s League you are ready to take on the Pirate’s Adventure finding five treasures hidden throughout Adventureland. It’s a great interactive journey; even better when you are dressed as a pirate.

    • Erin Webber
      25 November, 2014 at 9:39 pm

      Yes! What a great way to continue on your adventure!

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